Month: July 2018

Why Laws are Important for Society

According to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America, the US is a nation of liberty, through and under the law. Roosevelt goes on to say that, no man is above the law or below it. Everyone is equal in the face of the law.

The rule of law is the hallmark of a true constitutional democracy. The same laws should govern every citizen. The application of laws must be just and equal. Disputes should be peacefully resolved.

Society Needs the Law

Society needs a well functioning legal system. There must be a judiciary made of different courts. At the apex, there can be the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal. A judiciary must have judges and a chief justice.

Without laws, a country is simply a banana republic. The most developed countries have laws that cover the day-to-day conduct of citizens. Countries in conflict are lawless. That is why there is conflict and suffering.

4 Reasons Why Laws are Important for Society


At the front of the US Supreme Court, you will find the following words, “Equal Justice under the Law.” The Supreme Court is the highest court in America.

Equal justice under the law means that everyone is accountable to the same laws. It also means that there is the just enforcement of laws.

Justice is truth in action. There can only be peace if there is justice. Injustice is harsh and dissonant. On the other hand, justice is sweet.

Without the law, there will be no justice. An unjust society will not last for long. It will eventually crumble. Injustice is a cancer that slowly kills society.


Liberty is free will. It is the ability to do whatever one pleases so long one does not breach the liberties of other people. The law guarantees liberty. No one should force anybody to do anything.

Liberty is a basic human right. Liberty exists in any modern and civilized society. In a dictatorship, there is no liberty. People have to think in a certain way according to the stipulations of the state.

There must be political liberty. This allows citizens to elect the people that they like into office. With political liberty, anybody can start a political party. Economic liberty allows people to engage in any economic activity.

Seamless Business Conduct

Business law facilitates seamless business conduct. Business and commerce are the lifeblood of a country. Business activities give people an income. They provide the government with much-needed taxation revenue. The economy will grow when there is a good business environment.


Laws guarantee basic freedoms. In constitutional democracies, citizens have freedoms, rights, and responsibilities.

The law provides citizens with freedoms of religion, speech, movement, and press. Every citizen should have the freedom of expression. People should be able to say what they want so long as they do not infringe on the freedoms of others.

A citizen should have the right to move to any place, locally or internationally, so long as the citizen is not a criminal. The freedom of assembly is also necessary. It allows citizens to have non-violent assemblies. Workers can hold a strike to raise workplace issues.

In a democracy, every citizen has a right to vote if one is over the legal age. In addition, any citizen can run for public office.

Laws also protect citizens from discrimination. No citizen should be discriminated against based on disability, race, age, income level, or gender. If you face any kind of discrimination, you should protect yourself by hiring an attorney.

Where there are rights, there are also responsibilities. Parents have the responsibility to school their children. They must also supply all the needs of the children.

Paying tax is a core responsibility. A person who evades taxes will enter into a lot of trouble. However, there are legal tax avoidance strategies.

The Bottom Line

The law serves the interests of people and businesses. They are different kinds of law including civil, criminal, and business laws. The foundation of a successful society is a strong constitution.


Idaho Auto Accident Statistics

When you get behind the wheel, you already know you’re taking a risk. It’s a necessary one to commute to and from work or run you errands, but it comes at a great cost if another driver decides not to take care with your safety.

What are the real chances of an auto accident for the average Idaho resident? Knowing what to expect and for what to watch helps you protect yourself on the road. While you may still need to speak to car accident lawyers in Idaho if you find a reckless driver, what we can learn from auto accident statistics can help you have a safer future.

Dangerous Driving in Idaho

Driving in Idaho isn’t always one hundred percent safe. Idaho has been above the national average in crude death rates since the 1980s, which means that you’re more apt to have a fatal accident in Idaho than in several other states.

This is in part because the state is so rural. With a smaller, sparser population, it’s probable that you’re further from a hospital. That means an injured person often goes without immediate, proper treatment. You must drive with great care on rural roads.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Most states have ordinances about seat belt use because it’s crucial to buckle up when you’re in a car. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a person is killed every 5.5 days on average because they weren’t wearing a seat belt.

Many people underestimate the amount of safety a seat belt provides, especially when travelling short, quick distances. This simple safety feature can save your life. Also, if you’re not wearing one at the time of your collision, it hurts your chances for compensation if you take your claim to court.

You’ll Need Legal Representation

If an accident occurs, consider seeking legal representation. Your lawyer can give you the guidance you need to recover the worrisome expenses accumulating from your medical bills and lost wages.

Also, you’re more apt to succeed with your claim if you have a lawyer. You must have legal experience to get through your claim, which a lawyer can provide. You might not want a complicated lawsuit, but with a lawyer on your side, you can get the compensation you deserve, without added stress.