How to Beat a Cell Phone Ticket in NY

The state of New York does not tolerate anyone driving while operating their cell phone; so much so that they’ve made it illegal to do so. You could be facing serious consequences if you’re found guilty for using a cell phone while driving.

Fortunately, you can work with an attorney to beat your cell phone ticket. Below, we discuss what the consequences for a cell phone ticket are, and how you can fight your ticket.

What Happens if You’re Found Guilty

By law, you cannot use any form of handheld device while you’re driving. This includes telephones, tablets, iPads, and the like. Some examples of ways you could be charged with a cell phone ticket include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on your phone while driving
  • Playing games on handheld devices
  • Web browsing, or sending emails
  • Taking, viewing or sending pictures

If you are convicted of using your cell phone while driving, as a first time offender, you could be facing fines of up to $200 and points being added to your driving record. Repeat offenders, and those who incur three or more offenses within an 18 month period, can expect fines to reach $450 and even face license suspension or revocation.

Distracted driving has been on the rise for years, and one way the state attempts to minimize the number of motor vehicle collisions and fatalities is by imposing strict penalties when you’re caught using your phone while driving.

However, just because you got a cell phone ticket doesn’t mean that you automatically have to pay the fine and suffer the consequences. You can work with a qualified cell phone ticket lawyer to fight your ticket so that your driving record isn’t affected.

Building Your Defense

There are a few instances where you are able to use your cell phone while driving, and you shouldn’t be punished for using your phone under these circumstances. The primary exception to the no cell phone use while driving law is if you were using your phone due to an emergency.

Perhaps you needed to call 911 because you saw an accident, maybe you were reporting a fire or having a medical emergency. Anytime you need to report an emergency of any kind by using your cell phone while driving, you should be able to beat your cell phone ticket.

Your attorney will be able to build a strong defense in your favor when you head to court to fight your ticket. This way, you won’t have to pay any fines or deal with the inconvenience of points being added to your driving record.

Reach Out to an NY Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

If you know that you weren’t using your cell phone illegally while driving, there is no reason why you should sit back and pay the ticket. You can work with a cell phone ticket attorney in Manhattan to beat your ticket and avoid the penalties associated with admitting guilt. Don’t let yourself be stuck with points on your license for years to come, and do whatever you can to fight the ticket you were wrongfully issued.