How to Brand Your Law Firm

Branding your law firm is extremely important in terms of marketing your firm and bringing in clients. But what is “branding,” and why is it important?

Branding is when you make your law firm recognizable to your target audience. Branding encompasses many things, such as logos, taglines, and your firm’s purpose. You want your audience to recognize your firm’s name in your local market and think of you when they’re in need of your services.

Let’s say we were going to brand a  wrongful death attorney in New Orleans. How could we get the family members of a wrongful death victim to call this attorney and not another one? Should we make the attorney look more compassionate? Or should we brand them as aggressive? Or both? There is no right answer, but the trick is to figure out how you want to be perceived and then be consistent with your identity.

Important Elements of Branding Your Firm

There are several crucial elements of branding, particularly online.

Website Design

When branding your law firm, you want to go beyond having a beautiful, useful website. You want your logo to stand out and be consistent across web pages and across the internet. 

You want your message to be clear and recognizable. You also want your law firm’s personality to shine through and your website’s content to deliver information in your voice, not someone else’s.


When marketing your law firm, be sure to include elements that tie into your brand and use colors that coordinate with your website. Your marketing efforts are one piece of the puzzle, and they should fit in with your website and other branding efforts. For example, if your website is black and grey, you don’t want targeting ads that are created in rainbow colors.


Many firms don’t give content the attention it deserves. You want to create content that is diverse and interesting, yet it should clearly have your firm’s voice and it should be specific to your audience. Content is useless unless it helps to build your brand and helps inform your audience.  

Branding Across Platforms

Your brand is going to appear in places all over the internet, such as in articles, on social media platforms, and in directory listings. Make sure that when your law firm appears on web pages you don’t directly control that they use your brand. If they don’t, have them take down the information. 

For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer and someone has written an article mislabeling you as a family lawyer, make sure you get that article taken down or corrected. It can negatively affect your brand.

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