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Why Bring a Car Accident Claim?

A car accident is serious, and chances are good that you’re suffering because of it. Whether you walked away without a scratch, but your car is totaled, or if you’re still in the hospital, the expenses and damages you suffer after a car accident are high. Unfortunately, that’s tough to recover from.

However, you might be thinking about accepting the settlement offer your insurance company has made. That means less trouble, no time in court, and more time for your recovery. However, that may not be the best way to handle your car accident.

When you’re injured in a car crash, you’ll need to do what’s best for your claim, and this may include bringing a car accident claim to court. The laws about this in Michigan are specific, however, so be sure you can take your claim to court before you get started.

Your Insurance Company is Lowballing Your Settlement

Because Michigan is a “no-fault” state, your first attempt to recover from your accident should be through your insurance company. Michigan drivers are covered by their insurers when they’re injured, no matter who was at fault, under a certain amount.

This means that you’ll be relying on your insurance company for a settlement, but what if they’re unwilling to pay the full compensation you’re entitled to? You’ll need to speak to a lawyer to prove this and send a demand letter. This may move them to adjust their offer.

If not, you may need to file a claim in court. You deserve the compensation needed for a full recovery, so file a claim if you’re not getting what you deserve.

You Suffered a “Serious Injury”

In some cases, your insurer may be unable to cover the full amount you deserve. If you’ve suffered a death in your family because of the accident, if you suffered a severe impairment or disfigurement, you should file a claim in court.

No-fault insurance is meant to limit the number of court claims at one time. This means that you should get your settlement regardless, so that the small claims court won’t be overwhelmed with car accident claims.

However, the serious injury threshold gives injured drivers a way to seek more compensation when they’re injured. You’ll instead fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries, and your lawyer will help you fight.

Get Help Before You Begin

No one likes to think about it, but dealing with a car accident isn’t easy. It means losing time and money, not to mention the trauma you’ve experienced. For many, it’s best to just take the settlement offer and be finished with your case. However, what if you deserve more?

Fighting in court is tough. Before you file your claim, though, you’ll need to speak with one of the top car accident attorneys and law firms in your area for help. They’ll have the tools and resources you need for a successful claim. While you may not want to deal with a car accident claim, it’s best to fight back now and recover fully.

Why Laws are Important for Society

According to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America, the US is a nation of liberty, through and under the law. Roosevelt goes on to say that, no man is above the law or below it. Everyone is equal in the face of the law.

The rule of law is the hallmark of a true constitutional democracy. The same laws should govern every citizen. The application of laws must be just and equal. Disputes should be peacefully resolved.

Society Needs the Law

Society needs a well functioning legal system. There must be a judiciary made of different courts. At the apex, there can be the Supreme Court or Court of Appeal. A judiciary must have judges and a chief justice.

Without laws, a country is simply a banana republic. The most developed countries have laws that cover the day-to-day conduct of citizens. Countries in conflict are lawless. That is why there is conflict and suffering.

4 Reasons Why Laws are Important for Society


At the front of the US Supreme Court, you will find the following words, “Equal Justice under the Law.” The Supreme Court is the highest court in America.

Equal justice under the law means that everyone is accountable to the same laws. It also means that there is the just enforcement of laws.

Justice is truth in action. There can only be peace if there is justice. Injustice is harsh and dissonant. On the other hand, justice is sweet.

Without the law, there will be no justice. An unjust society will not last for long. It will eventually crumble. Injustice is a cancer that slowly kills society.


Liberty is free will. It is the ability to do whatever one pleases so long one does not breach the liberties of other people. The law guarantees liberty. No one should force anybody to do anything.

Liberty is a basic human right. Liberty exists in any modern and civilized society. In a dictatorship, there is no liberty. People have to think in a certain way according to the stipulations of the state.

There must be political liberty. This allows citizens to elect the people that they like into office. With political liberty, anybody can start a political party. Economic liberty allows people to engage in any economic activity.

Seamless Business Conduct

Business law facilitates seamless business conduct. Business and commerce are the lifeblood of a country. Business activities give people an income. They provide the government with much-needed taxation revenue. The economy will grow when there is a good business environment.


Laws guarantee basic freedoms. In constitutional democracies, citizens have freedoms, rights, and responsibilities.

The law provides citizens with freedoms of religion, speech, movement, and press. Every citizen should have the freedom of expression. People should be able to say what they want so long as they do not infringe on the freedoms of others.

A citizen should have the right to move to any place, locally or internationally, so long as the citizen is not a criminal. The freedom of assembly is also necessary. It allows citizens to have non-violent assemblies. Workers can hold a strike to raise workplace issues.

In a democracy, every citizen has a right to vote if one is over the legal age. In addition, any citizen can run for public office.

Laws also protect citizens from discrimination. No citizen should be discriminated against based on disability, race, age, income level, or gender. If you face any kind of discrimination, you should protect yourself by hiring an attorney.

Where there are rights, there are also responsibilities. Parents have the responsibility to school their children. They must also supply all the needs of the children.

Paying tax is a core responsibility. A person who evades taxes will enter into a lot of trouble. However, there are legal tax avoidance strategies.

The Bottom Line

The law serves the interests of people and businesses. They are different kinds of law including civil, criminal, and business laws. The foundation of a successful society is a strong constitution.


Idaho Auto Accident Statistics

When you get behind the wheel, you already know you’re taking a risk. It’s a necessary one to commute to and from work or run you errands, but it comes at a great cost if another driver decides not to take care with your safety.

What are the real chances of an auto accident for the average Idaho resident? Knowing what to expect and for what to watch helps you protect yourself on the road. While you may still need to speak to car accident lawyers in Idaho if you find a reckless driver, what we can learn from auto accident statistics can help you have a safer future.

Dangerous Driving in Idaho

Driving in Idaho isn’t always one hundred percent safe. Idaho has been above the national average in crude death rates since the 1980s, which means that you’re more apt to have a fatal accident in Idaho than in several other states.

This is in part because the state is so rural. With a smaller, sparser population, it’s probable that you’re further from a hospital. That means an injured person often goes without immediate, proper treatment. You must drive with great care on rural roads.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Most states have ordinances about seat belt use because it’s crucial to buckle up when you’re in a car. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a person is killed every 5.5 days on average because they weren’t wearing a seat belt.

Many people underestimate the amount of safety a seat belt provides, especially when travelling short, quick distances. This simple safety feature can save your life. Also, if you’re not wearing one at the time of your collision, it hurts your chances for compensation if you take your claim to court.

You’ll Need Legal Representation

If an accident occurs, consider seeking legal representation. Your lawyer can give you the guidance you need to recover the worrisome expenses accumulating from your medical bills and lost wages.

Also, you’re more apt to succeed with your claim if you have a lawyer. You must have legal experience to get through your claim, which a lawyer can provide. You might not want a complicated lawsuit, but with a lawyer on your side, you can get the compensation you deserve, without added stress.

How to Choose the Right Law Firm?

It’s tough to know which way to turn when you have a legal fight on your hands. For some, they think it’s something they can handle on their own and for others, they just panic and get very stressed at the situation. It can be difficult to be sure what you do is best which is why it’s maybe time to think about hiring a law firm. Using the services of a law firm can enable you to get the best legal assistance and to potentially help your cause in your legal matters. However, how can you choose the right law firm?

Consider Their Experience with Your Legal Needs

First and foremost, you have to look at what the law firm specialises in and whether or not they are the best people for your legal needs. For example, if you wish to sue someone in a liable case then the law firm you choose must have good experience within that field. Hiring a law firm that only deals with criminal defence matters probably won’t be suitable for you. Remember, it’s about getting the law firm with the right experience for your needs.

Does the Law Firm Have a Good Reputation?

Taking a moment to look closely at the reputation of a law firm will be very important. If you have the choice between two law firms and one has a terrible reputation, would you really be happy with them? To be honest, a reputation does matter and sometimes it can make you feel more at ease with someone who offers a decent reputation. Reputations count today and you should only ever hire a law firm with a decent one. You could end up with someone that’s not quite right for you so be very careful.

Are the Fees Affordable for You?

Understanding how a law firm charges and how much will be important. Flat fees are great and can be a little more useful if your legal services are going to cover months rather than weeks. However, costs per hour can be good too depending if you require a lawyer for a short period of time. You should get to know how your potential new law firm is charging for their services so that you can figure out if they are reasonable or not. If you are not happy with the fees you can keep on looking so that you get a firm you are happy with.

Always Look at a Law Firm You Feel Comfortable With

While it might seem silly to say, thousands are not overly trusting or comfortable with the law firm they choose. When you are choosing a law firm you have to feel trusting of them as well as comfortable at them handling your case. If you are not too sure about the law firm you should look at them a little more to find out more about them. It could help ease your nerves about them and, if not, you can keep on looking. You should only ever choose a law firm you are fully satisfied with.

Find the Right Law Firm

It’s not easy to choose a new law firm as there are many good firms available today; however, it’s important you find the right one for you. You don’t want a law firm who offers an OK service but rather an excellent service as it means you are more likely to get the best from them. It’s time to think about this and what they can offer you too. Continue Reading….

Starting Your Own Law Practice? Pick the Right Legal Structure

Choosing a legal structure when you are trying to start up your own law practice can be tough. You have a lot of things to take care of and you probably don’t give much thought over the legal structure. However, if you know a few things then you should be able to set up your law practice with a fair bit of ease. Read on to find a few tips that might help you start your own law practice today.

You Must Understand Which Cases You Can Take on

First and foremost, you have to understand what type of case you are able to take on as a personal lawyer. For instance, if you have trained in civil law that is the area you should be sticking to. Why? Well, you have specialized in this field and you don’t have the specialist training to take on cases outside that scope. It is the same if you were in the criminal defence field, you couldn’t really take on cases which were covering real estate laws or another area as again you aren’t experienced within that field. However, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t direct clients to lawyers who can offer their assistance.

Starting Your Own Law Practice? Pick the Right Legal Structure

Limit yourself if you’re working Alone

If you are a one man or woman business then you know you have certain limits. You cannot take on 50 cases if they all require a certain level of work as you will stretch yourself too far and some clients might not get the best from you. Instead, you have to limit how many clients you can accept at any one time. If you are able to handle 15 cases at a time then fine but don’t stretch yourself. Yes, you want to create a strong law practice but at the same time, you don’t want to ruin your reputation by not putting your all into every client.

Have a Good Pricing Structure and Be Flexible with Individual Clients

Offering a simple pricing structure for your services can be more than useful. For instance, having a free initial consultation can be useful for those who aren’t sure if they are at the right attorney. What’s more, it can be useful to be a little more flexible with clients who cannot afford to pay a large sum of money upfront. Yes, you need to earn money too but it might be a little easier to have a flexible payment plan set up for certain clients. Additionally, set your fees reasonable whether you choose per hour or flat rates, this will make you more appealing.

Build Up a Network of Resources

You will investigate your client’s statements and potentially look for new evidence or witnesses and that can take up a lot of your valuable time. Having a good network of resources available can really help your business and get the answers you need as and when you need them. It’s something you should consider when creating a law practice. It’s about getting a balance between legal structure but also getting the best for your clients too.

Be Confident with Your Law Practice

Starting a successful law practice takes time. It will take time to get word out about your services and to build a vast portfolio of clients too. However, you can succeed over time and there are lots of simple ways to improve your legal services. You have to be confident with what you have to offer and you will learn as you go on. For more information read our article

What Is the Law Society?

If you are looking to become a lawyer or work within the law profession, you need to know about the law society. What is this exactly and how can it help lawyers and other professions within this field? Quite simply, it’s a union. It’s an organisation which is just for solicitors and they basically have the rights to rule those within the law field such as lawyers or solicitors. You can find the law society is a service which helps to regulate training as well as qualifications of those currently studying to become a lawyer and those already qualified.

The Philosophy behind the Law Society?

In truth, this union or organisation was created so that people of all walks of life, whether they have money to pay or otherwise, the ability to retain legal services. The law society is truly an important part of social justice and it’s available to everyone who requires legal services. Its good lawyers have a union to turn to in time of need and having the law field regulated can be excellent as it means no one crosses the ethical line. Being able to provide a social justice service is important and the law society can offer that.

What Is the Law Society?

Do We Need the Law Society?

Some would say there is no need for the Law Society and that this is nothing more than a way to rule the roost; however, it’s really a very useful part of society. The Law Society is all about bringing social justice to all who need it and it will help graduated lawyers and those currently still studying. Far too many people don’t realize the importance of such services and while the Law Society doesn’t mean much to you now, it will in time. We absolutely need the Law Society so that everyone can get assistance when they need it and to also help protect lawyers and those within the law profession.

The History

The Law Society has been around for a number of years, since 1825 to be exact, and they were initially were used to help stamp out solicitors and other practitioners who were in a sense offering fraudulent services to their clients. However, this was not the only reason why the society was created; it also helps rewards those who offer a top quality service for their clients. There is also a section within the Law Society that offers a complaints service which means if a client feels he or she has been mistreated, they can lodge a complaint with the board and an independent team will review the claim. It’s really a useful way to help protect both law professional and client.

A Useful Service for All

For many years, people didn’t really know how to approach the Law Society and weren’t sure if this was in fact needed. However, as with any profession there are fraudulent law professionals and that is robbing clients blind and making the profession look very bad indeed. Having a Law Society in place means solicitors is regulated and that clients and solicitors are protected too. It’s a necessity to say the least. For more information read here