Clever Ideas for Growing Your Law Firm

Hello again, attorneys. Attorney Butler is returning today with a few clever ideas on how to grow your law firm. Most attorneys care about two main things: helping their clients and growing their businesses. Today, we want to help you with the latter goal. We aren’t talking about the usual tips and tricks, such as advertise, build a website, or join social media.

You are probably already doing these things. While they are certainly important, sometimes it’s even more important to get creative, innovative, and a little bit brave. You want to grow your law firm, right? Read on to learn some unique ideas that could help your law firm flourish.

4 Tips to Get Your Law Firm to Grow

One of the first things you should do to get your law firm to thrive is to investigate the competition. You want to focus your investigation in your local market, of course. Don’t be afraid to look at everything your top competitors are doing. 

A little competition is healthy. Make a list of what your competition is doing well, and then try to implement those strategies into your own business-growing efforts.

The next odd suggestion for growing your law firm is to try face-to-face marketing efforts. “What!” you exclaim. “You mean I actually have to talk to people?” I know, it’s a crazy idea, but hear us out. In a technical world where everyone spends so much time online, you might just be breaking the mold by kickin’ it old school. Try passing out flyers to local businesses in your area. Try going to events or sponsoring a sports team where you actually show up to the games. Then tell people about your law firm. 

Have you ever thought about making a law firm T-shirt? Seems silly, but this clever strategy just might work. If you come up with a catchy-enough slogan or eye-catching design, your law firm’s name just might be the next thing to trend on Twitter.

Have you ever tried doing a giveaway? This last idea isn’t even that clever, but it’s not one most law firms would consider. Believe it or not, your services are valuable. You could try doing a giveaway—free services in exchange for sharing your law firm’s website on social media. 

Think outside the box, people. You’re lawyers, and lawyers have to use those highly-educated brains to serve clients. You can serve your law firm as well.

Attorney Butler with the Deets

We hope that this information for growing your law firm was helpful to you. It’s not always easy to do a lot of brainstorming to come up with clever ideas for growing your business. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to put some ideas together for you. 

After all, every attorney needs a butler. Sometimes, attorneys need a little help too. Thank you for visiting today, and come back again soon.