Do Foreign Bribes Violate the FCPA?

When you work with an international company, chances are good that you’ll see plenty of negotiations and business deals with other companies from around the world. Your company may engage in trade and conversations about getting the best deal from one another.

Unfortunately, you may have also seen what looks like bribery. However, you might also be unsure whether foreign bribes violate the FCPA, and what you’re able to do about it. As an employee and a witness, you do have options.

If you believe your company is engaging in illegal bribes, reach out with your evidence. It could help you gather a reward and avoid any penalties.  

Context Matters

A foreign bribe generally means that your company is offering money or gifts in exchange for a favorable business deal. For example, you might have heard your employer talking about offering a large sum of money or a luxury vehicle to a foreign business partner before a deal is struck. In this case, they may be trying to influence their business partner’s decision in their favor.

However, if your employer sends another company a gift to celebrate a business deal or partnership, without any expectations, they may not have been offering a bribe.  

Sanctions for Foreign Bribes

If you’re not sure about whether your company is violating these standards, it’s best to get FCPA whistleblower help anyway. The sanctions associated with foreign bribes can be harsh, and you don’t want to suffer those penalties.

Civil penalties and civil enforcement actions can be expected if your company was found guilty of bribery. That may include some significant fees, which can also hurt you as an employee. There may also be pre-judgement interest, and those who accepted the bribe may have to give up those gifts in the trial.

If you choose to blow the whistle on them, you could potentially receive a monetary award for your tip. While the tip will need to meet certain requirements, you may be protected to some degree from the punishments ahead for your employer.  

Blow the Whistle on Bribery

When you suspect that your employer is giving bribes to foreign companies, you may need to act fast and contact a whistleblower attorney. They’ll have the tools you need to determine whether your company is engaging in illegal activity, and they’ll help you report that activity.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the proceedings. If you suspect or are aware of illegal activity within your company, reach out for help. At best, you might receive an award for your help and protection from retaliation. If you don’t alert the authorities, though, you could be found just as responsible as the company.