Is It Hard to Win a Personal Injury Claim in Massachusetts?

When you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence, you’ll need to start thinking about winning your claim as soon as possible. You’re hurt, and you need that compensation if you’re going to recover. Unfortunately, you might already be concerned about the state of your claim.

While winning a personal injury claim isn’t impossible, it can be tough to do alone. You’re not familiar with the appropriate laws when you’re well, so it’s more overwhelming. You’ve been thrown into a field you don’t understand, and your recovery is on the line.

While you do have a chance to win your personal injury claim, your best option is to contact a Boston injury lawyer for help. They’ll guide you through the pitfalls that hurt many injury claims and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Acting on Time

One of the most difficult parts can be getting your claim filed in time. It might be on your mind already, but it can take time to prepare your case for court. Unfortunately, if you don’t act quickly, losing your claim is a real possibility.

In Massachusetts, you’ll need to file your claim within a certain time limit. If you don’t file within three years, you’ll lose your chance to settle at all. That means no compensation and no recovery for you. Your case will be completely dismissed.

That time limit sneaks up on many people and leaves them without the compensation they need, so seek out a lawyer who won’t let that happen to you. Instead, they should help you act quickly and find the evidence you need for your claim.

Injury-Specific Laws Can Affect You

Unfortunately, not every personal injury case is equal. While you do have a right to a fair trial, you might not know what specific laws will help or harm your claim. That means that you could miss a law important to your claim and lose your compensation.

For example, if you were injured by your doctor, you typically have less time to file, and you might not be filing against the doctor. You’ll need to act within three years. You’ll also need to find that doctor’s hospital group or doctor group, which may take responsibility for the actions of its members.

So, if you miss out on these steps, you might be filing against the wrong person, or you might have missed the deadline months ago without even knowing it. If you’re concerned about your time limits, your lawyer can help.

When They Blame You

Unfortunately, even acting on time and gathering the right evidence doesn’t guarantee compensation. Instead, the at-fault party might fight back, leaving you without the compensation you need. Massachusetts recognizes “comparative negligence,” which means your compensation will be reduced if you’re found partly at fault.

Let’s say they claim you were 20 percent at fault for the accident. If you don’t fight back and protect your claim, your compensation will be reduced to only 80 percent of the original amount. That was compensation you needed to recover, and it may be completely lost if they blame you for more than 51 percent of the accident.

It’s Not Easy without Help

Unfortunately, all these steps can be confusing. Without help, it might even feel impossible. When you seek out a lawyer, though, it gets much simpler to fight for the full compensation you deserve.

If you’re struggling with a claim, you need experienced legal guidance for your claim. With the right lawyer on your side, though, you can get the full amount you expect without the effort. Your lawyer should focus on letting you rest and recover. With the right help, then, winning an injury claim is easy.