How to Show Empathy to Car Wreck Victims

Hello there, attorneys. Today, Attorney Butler is back with the topic of how to show empathy to car wreck victims. A lot of attorneys don’t know how important this is, and how easy you could lose clients if you don’t learn how to do this. 

Attorney Butler was speaking with a car accident attorney in Boston about how they show empathy toward car accident victims. A lot of the information in this piece comes from what we learned from them. You can click here to find out more about that attorney. Below, let’s get into the topic of showing empathy to auto wreck victims.

How to Show Empathy to Car Accident Victims

If you handle car accident cases on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget that these events are extremely traumatic for those involved. 

For you, accidents happen every day and you deal with them all the time. For your client, this doesn’t happen to them every day. To them, this is one of the biggest and worst things to ever happen to them. It might even be THE biggest and worst thing. You need to remember to treat them accordingly. 

Here are a few tips for showing empathy and compassion to auto crash victims:

  1. Never brush off any concern that your client brings up.
  2. Always take time to answer your clients’ questions, no matter how small.
  3. Remember things that now seem obvious to you may not be obvious to someone who doesn’t deal with car crashes on a regular basis.
  4. Listen.
  5. Answer their phone calls, even if they call you a lot. They will eventually settle down, but right now, they may need you to calm their fears.
  6. Understand that every person’s case is unique. Every person’s experiences are different. Don’t compare what your client is going through to another client or another person’s experience.

Why Is It Important to Show Empathy to Vehicle Crash Victims?

Now, you have a few ideas as to how to show empathy. You can likely come up with a few on your own, too. But, why is it so important to show empathy? How does it help your client’s win a settlement? 

You always want to make your client’s happy. They will be more likely to listen to your advice if they trust you and trust that you have their best interests at heart. Remember, you are building more than just a case—you are building a relationship. This relationship may help you down the line.

Attorney Butler Is Here to Help

Your clients deserve your attention, respect, and understanding. They need you, but you need them, too. Don’t ever forget what they’ve just been through and always offer empathy to car accident victims.

Attorney Butler is always here to help you, because sometimes attorneys need a little help, too.