Idaho Auto Accident Statistics

When you get behind the wheel, you already know you’re taking a risk. It’s a necessary one to commute to and from work or run you errands, but it comes at a great cost if another driver decides not to take care with your safety.

What are the real chances of an auto accident for the average Idaho resident? Knowing what to expect and for what to watch helps you protect yourself on the road. While you may still need to speak to car accident lawyers in Idaho if you find a reckless driver, what we can learn from auto accident statistics can help you have a safer future.

Dangerous Driving in Idaho

Driving in Idaho isn’t always one hundred percent safe. Idaho has been above the national average in crude death rates since the 1980s, which means that you’re more apt to have a fatal accident in Idaho than in several other states.

This is in part because the state is so rural. With a smaller, sparser population, it’s probable that you’re further from a hospital. That means an injured person often goes without immediate, proper treatment. You must drive with great care on rural roads.

Seat Belts Save Lives

Most states have ordinances about seat belt use because it’s crucial to buckle up when you’re in a car. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a person is killed every 5.5 days on average because they weren’t wearing a seat belt.

Many people underestimate the amount of safety a seat belt provides, especially when travelling short, quick distances. This simple safety feature can save your life. Also, if you’re not wearing one at the time of your collision, it hurts your chances for compensation if you take your claim to court.

You’ll Need Legal Representation

If an accident occurs, consider seeking legal representation. Your lawyer can give you the guidance you need to recover the worrisome expenses accumulating from your medical bills and lost wages.

Also, you’re more apt to succeed with your claim if you have a lawyer. You must have legal experience to get through your claim, which a lawyer can provide. You might not want a complicated lawsuit, but with a lawyer on your side, you can get the compensation you deserve, without added stress.