Every Law Firm Should Know About Federal Antidiscrimination Laws

Attorney Butler is back, and today we are discussing the federal antidiscrimination laws that every law firm should know. It seems like it goes hand-in-hand that lawyers know all about the law. However, if the lawyers at your firm practice only one type of law, such as family law, you might need a refresher course on other types of laws.

A law firm is a business, and as such, the firm is held to standards that all other types of employers are held do. Attorney Butler learned a lot about employment law by talking with an employment attorney. You can visit the website of the attorney we spoke to or you can read on for more information.

Antidiscrimination Laws That Every Firm Should Learn

The federal antidiscrimination laws were created in an effort to promote equal opportunity employment throughout the country. These laws protect the rights of American citizens, and work toward making employment practices fair. 

Antidiscrimination laws protect many people from discrimination based on sex, religion, race, and in some cases, age. It also protects those with disabilities, and the law requires that employers make reasonable accommodations for those who have disabilities. Prospective employees are also protected under antidiscrimination laws from being paid unfairly based on sex. 

In addition, antidiscrimination laws work to see that employers engage in fair labor practices. For example, these laws protect employees from being retaliated against if they file a workers compensation claim or appeal. 

Employers must also ensure that their hiring and promotion practices are in line with these antidiscrimination laws. For instance, employers can’t promote or hire employees based on factors other than their job performance, abilities, and merit. 

Why It’s Important for Law Firms to Understand These Laws

Law firms hire employees just like any other business or company, which means your firm must follow employment laws. It’s especially important for you to follow antidiscrimination laws, because you could be sued if your firm violates them. Keep in mind that antidiscrimination laws also protect you and your employees.

If you brush up on these laws, you can protect yourself and your law firm from facing any legal trouble.

Every Attorney Needs a Butler

Every attorney needs a little help sometimes too. Attorney Butler is here to provide useful information to law firms and lawyers throughout the country. Hopefully, you found this information on antidiscrimination laws helpful. It’s easy to forget legal information that you don’t use or hear about on a regular basis.