What Is the Law Society?

If you are looking to become a lawyer or work within the law profession, you need to know about the law society. What is this exactly and how can it help lawyers and other professions within this field? Quite simply, it’s a union. It’s an organisation which is just for solicitors and they basically have the rights to rule those within the law field such as lawyers or solicitors. You can find the law society is a service which helps to regulate training as well as qualifications of those currently studying to become a lawyer and those already qualified.

The Philosophy behind the Law Society?

In truth, this union or organisation was created so that people of all walks of life, whether they have money to pay or otherwise, the ability to retain legal services. The law society is truly an important part of social justice and it’s available to everyone who requires legal services. Its good lawyers have a union to turn to in time of need and having the law field regulated can be excellent as it means no one crosses the ethical line. Being able to provide a social justice service is important and the law society can offer that.

What Is the Law Society?

Do We Need the Law Society?

Some would say there is no need for the Law Society and that this is nothing more than a way to rule the roost; however, it’s really a very useful part of society. The Law Society is all about bringing social justice to all who need it and it will help graduated lawyers and those currently still studying. Far too many people don’t realize the importance of such services and while the Law Society doesn’t mean much to you now, it will in time. We absolutely need the Law Society so that everyone can get assistance when they need it and to also help protect lawyers and those within the law profession.

The History

The Law Society has been around for a number of years, since 1825 to be exact, and they were initially were used to help stamp out solicitors and other practitioners who were in a sense offering fraudulent services to their clients. However, this was not the only reason why the society was created; it also helps rewards those who offer a top quality service for their clients. There is also a section within the Law Society that offers a complaints service which means if a client feels he or she has been mistreated, they can lodge a complaint with the board and an independent team will review the claim. It’s really a useful way to help protect both law professional and client.

A Useful Service for All

For many years, people didn’t really know how to approach the Law Society and weren’t sure if this was in fact needed. However, as with any profession there are fraudulent law professionals and that is robbing clients blind and making the profession look very bad indeed. Having a Law Society in place means solicitors is regulated and that clients and solicitors are protected too. It’s a necessity to say the least. For more information read here https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/law-society-gets-green-light-to-intervene-in-privilege-battle/5066265.article