Which Legal Directories You Should Use

Attorney Butler recently received a question from a lawyer at Alex Hernandez Trial Lawyers. He wanted to know whether having a law firm listed in a legal directly is helpful. If so, which ones should he list in? 

Yes, legal directories can be incredibly helpful for law firms. For starters, listing your law firm with a reputable directory can increase brand recognition. This means that your law firm will become more widely known. 

Listing with a legal directory helps potential clients to find you. Many people use legal directories to find lawyers in their communities that match their needs. 

Finally, legal directory links can actually help with SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. This means that your website and your law firm will have a better trust flow and reputation if you have links from directories that are highly trusted and reputable.

There Are Good and Bad Directories

Although legal directories can be very helpful for attorneys and law firms, there are bad ones out there. You want to make sure that you list your law firm on good, highly-respected legal directories. Here are a few well-known and well-respected legal online directories:

  • Avvo
  • FindLaw
  • Lawyer
  • Justia
  • BestLawyers
  • Nolo

Some of these directories are so well-known that they often appear at the top of Google search results when clients conduct searches for local lawyers. Many potential clients will click on these legal directories in search of a lawyer who meets their needs.

What Else Do Legal Directories Do?

When you list yourself or your law firm in these legal directories, clients also have the opportunity of reviewing you. Everyone knows that reviews are imperative to building a successful business, and law firms are no different. Your future clients want to see reviews, and legal directories will compile these reviews all in one place for them.

In addition to reviews, your business profile will be listed in detail in the listing, not just your name and number. This gives you a great opportunity to share what makes you the right lawyer for the job. You can detail what sets you and your firm apart and list your accomplishments, education, affiliations, and verdicts. 

Make sure you don’t count legal directories out when you are marketing your firm.

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