Questions Personal Injury Victims Immediately Ask Their Lawyer

Hi there. Attorney Butler is back today because people often have legal questions, but don’t think they can afford to ask an attorney. Luckily, many attorneys will offer free consultations when it comes to personal injury cases, including this Tampa personal injury lawyer

Some lawyers understand that injury victims don’t know how to start working on a claim. It’s a lot easier when you can talk with a lawyer directly who will answer questions for free. Attorney Butler has taken the liberty of putting questions here so that you’ll know what injury victims often ask attorneys. 

You need to be prepared when potential clients come to you with their questions. Additionally, you might consider offering free case consultations as well when you become an attorney or if you are an attorney who is moving into personal injury law. It’s a great way to draw in potential clients.

Top Questions Personal Injury Victims Ask Their Attorney

Do I have an injury claim? 

This is a valid question, because not every injury accident will result in a claim. The way to determine whether you have a claim is to find out if negligence was involved in your accident and if you suffered damages because of the accident. Damages are losses such as medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering.

Do I have to pay an attorney up front? 

Luckily, most attorneys will work out a contingency fee arrangement with their personal injury clients. This means the client will pay their lawyer out of the settlement amount. You might also want to offer contingency fee arrangements to your personal injury clients.

Do I have to go to court for a personal injury suit? 

Not many people like the prospect of going to court, especially not injury victims who are still recovering from injuries. Most personal injury cases won’t need to go to court. Settlements are often arranged, and you will likely learn how to do this if you don’t already know.

Attorneys Need a Butler

Those are just a few of the top questions that injury attorneys often receive. Be sure to be prepared to answer those questions when clients call you because they heard about your free case consultation offer!

Attorney Butler is here with the info, because every attorney needs a little help sometimes, too.