What’s the Point of Vision Zero Chicago?

Every year, millions of people suffer fatal car crashes and pass away for a number of regions. In larger areas, such as New York City or Chicago, traffic is heavy, leading to more serious or fatal accidents. These crashes might involve cars, buses, bikes, and motorcycles, and they are a major cause of death in our cities.

So, what does Vision Zero Chicago intend to do about it? In short, this program has been implemented to reduce the number of fatal crashes through awareness and better design. What work in San Francisco may not work in Chicago, however, so the city has also added specific ideas to address the unique factors of each city.

Reducing Fatal Crashes

Vision Zero’s main goal is to reduce the number of fatal crashes in major cities, where accident rates are high. Some people might not be thinking about how serious a crash might be, for example, so part of the program focuses on education.

You might also see pledges being made to drive carefully. The program wants to make more observant drivers, who will pay attention to speed limits, stop signals, and other signs. The more drivers that pay attention to these signals, the safer the road will be.

In the end, that’s what Vision Zero Chicago is about: seeking out the vision the city has of zero fatal crashes in the city.

Safer Roads

Safer drivers and education isn’t the only way to prevent fatal crashes, however. Chicago leaders are also seeking ways that they can build roads safer. By considering the environment of the drivers, they can avoid serious accidents.

While distracted driving or other driver-related factors cause many accidents, those aren’t all the factors that can cause a car accident. The following are some of the other reasons that Chicago residents crash fatally:

  • No bike lanes
  • Road hazards and defects
  • Unsafe crosswalks
  • Unclear or missing signs and signals
  • Environmental factors, like commonly-violent areas

When making transit safer, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the people on the road causing these problems. Other factors can leave an otherwise-careful driver or pedestrian injured or killed. As such, the city is also addressing issues outside of the vehicle.

A Healthier Chicago

The Vision Zero project focuses on reducing accidents, but avoiding the need for a car accident lawyer in Chicago isn’t the only reason for the program. Instead, Chicago lawmakers are also focused on cleaner, more active, and healthier transit.

For example, in many cities, bicycles are becoming a popular way to travel around, and they have a better impact than cars. You’re saving gas, reducing congestion, and getting some exercise in, something that many of us miss out on in our daily life.

Unfortunately, without safety measures for bicyclists, biking through the city is dangerous. As such, Chicago’s Vision Zero plan also includes the expansion of healthier, more active transportation. Focusing on public health is a major part of safety and prevention, and Vision Zero doesn’t neglect this.

Avoid a Car Accident in Chicago

If you haven’t heard of these Vision Zero programs growing in popularity in major cities, you might be confused. You may not know what to expect or what good this program will do. Luckily, the program has been pushing for a better, safer Chicago.

As it is, deaths due to car accidents are a major cause of death, and they’ll continue to be a problem if communities like Chicago don’t act to prevent these accidents. Vision Zero Chicago seeks to reduce those deaths, but it can also bring more benefits with it.

If you’re a driver or otherwise someone who travels through the city, you may want to seek out this program. You could help avoid a car accident or save a life through the program.